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How it works

People need a hand at times and payday loans are designed to do just that – tide you over until you get your next wage check. If you need a hand until payday Cash Advance 24/7 has got your back! Applying for a cash advance is very simple and hassle free.

At Cash Advance 24/7 we work really hard to ensure that we are able to match each of our clients with a lender who will most effectively meet their requirements. As a loan matching service we don’t supply loans ourselves, we work with a broad panel of trusted lenders that do at no extra cost to you. Our service is totally free to use.

Our only goal is to find responsible lenders that can guarantee a great deal and provide a top level of service to each and every one of our customers.

Whatever your needs are we can cater for them. Our lenders offer classic payday loans and personal installment loans up to 5000$ until you get your wages.

To apply is really simple, just fill in the really short application form, wait for the decision, which is often almost instant, and if approved, and you agree to the loan conditions just wait some minutes for the money to be deposited into your account.

Cash Advance 24/7 does not charge any fees for the submission and processing of any loan application. Any interest or charges added to your loan repayment amount will be done so at the discretion of the individual lender and will be completely disclosed to you before you sign your loan agreement.

The time taken to transfer loan funds  varies between lenders. Most offer almost instant payments once processed, but the time it takes for the monetary transfer can depend on your bank.


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